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By Tom Mandasco.

If you want to play acoustic guitar, you may know that you can choose your playing style. You can choose to do the strumming by your fingers or you can choose to do it using pick. Guitar picking has some technique to go along with. This article will let you know some of guitar picking lessons so that you can master this style of playing by your self.

If you are right handed, you will have to use your right hand for picking. If you are left handed, use left hand. Here are the methods that you can use for your guitar picking:

1. Hold the pick between the thumb and the forefinger. Allow the thumb to fit comfortably with the pick. Have the tip of the pick pointed to the guitar strings. Make the tip work for replacing the fingernail.
2. Make a firm holding of the pick. Allow the flexible move of the pick between the two fingers so that your fingers will not be too stiff and the noise produced is soft.
3. Strike the strings from the above and parallel to the guitar body. The strings should not be struck at an angle.
4. Casually strike the strings. Increase your speed and make sure that the rhythm is correct.
5. Move the wrist up and down and place the hand perpendicular to the guitar body.
6. You can use your fingers to replace the pick. In classical guitar playing, we do a lot of these without using pick.

Guitar picking is not difficult if you use the right technique. This article gives you some of the acoustic guitar picking lessons.

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